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Since it’s release in 2009, Neighbors From Hell by Bob Borzotta has become the most trusted source for dealing with today’s brand of Conflict Close to Home.


USA Today says, “Bob Borzotta is to people with nasty neighbors what Dear Abby is to women with meddling mothers-in-law.”

NPR’s Dan Gottlieb, hearing that mediators today are getting $300 an hour, notes Borzotta’s book’s price of about $15 commenting, “And it works.”

He has been interviewed by Gayle King, Elizabeth Vargas, dozens of daily news reporters, and by call-in radio show hosts. He has emerged as the nation’s go-to guy for guidance when the people next door cause you problems.

Neighbors From Hell, at under 200 pages, is designed for busy productive people dealing with noise, boundary issues, privacy invasion, bad kids next door, vicious pets, trash and smells, illegal water run-off, shared property and everything else Neighbors From Hell can bring. It articulates the suffering of NFH victims and guides them through the processes of Prevention, Diplomacy and Correction –

Read reviews and get your copy here.

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