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Since it’s release in 2009, Neighbors From Hell by Bob Borzotta has become the most trusted source for dealing with today’s brand of Conflict Close to Home.


USA Today says, “Bob Borzotta is to people with nasty neighbors what Dear Abby is to women with meddling mothers-in-law.”

NPR’s Dan Gottlieb, hearing that mediators today are getting $300 an hour, notes Borzotta’s book’s price of about $15 commenting, “And it works.”

He has been interviewed by Gayle King, Elizabeth Vargas, dozens of daily news reporters, and by call-in radio show hosts. He has emerged as the nation’s go-to guy for guidance when the people next door cause you problems.

Neighbors From Hell, at under 200 pages, is designed for busy productive people dealing with noise, boundary issues, privacy invasion, bad kids next door, vicious pets, trash and smells, illegal water run-off, shared property and everything else Neighbors From Hell can bring. It articulates the suffering of NFH victims and guides them through the processes of Prevention, Diplomacy and Correction –

Read reviews and get your copy here.

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terror in the neighborhood

There is a neighborhood at the end of Shiloh Road in Bastrop County, Texas which has the highest crime rate in Bastrop County.  Neighbors have warred with neighbors in this area for years, since the early 80s.   The neighbors has attacked each other, vandalized each other and the driveway to some of their homes have been constantly booby trapped with nails, barb wire and various other annoyances.  The “no trespassing signs” and address signs have been stolen and torn down so many times that they’ve given up trying to post them.  The County Sheriffs Department has responded to dozens of calls over the years but the perpetrators of the nail traps and vandalism are very stealthy and usually operate under cover of darkness.  Because they’re cowards and operate at night.

Bottom line, the neighbors all despise each other and can’t find enough ways to undermine each other and cause harm to each other in any conceivable way.  The so called leaders of this neighborhood all masquerade as do gooders when the reality is that their hatred for their neighbors and their terroristic agendas undermines all their false public images as environmental do gooders and so called “Christians”.  These are “haters” and grudge holders of the worst kind.

Be grateful you don’t live in the neighbor hell where everyone wishes everyone else ill will.

National March on Domestic Terror today

Today thousands are marching on Washington to protest domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

Domestic terrorism is not just whites against blacks, it’s neighbors against neighbors.  It’s neighborhood associations against their own members who are in some cases forced to belong and to be subjected to hate crimes.